Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up for The Path of the Writer

This week has been a wonderful thought provoking week. I have had to make many decisions about my blogs and my books. With launch only 12 days away, the focus has turned to final inspections, adding illustrations and promoting.

It is a hard line in promoting. when do you become a broken annoying record? For me, it is when you only share about your book release. I try to share other bits of knowledge, fun, and interest along the way. I hope I have succeeded.

I have another blog that is my review and personal fun posts. Sometimes the two mix, but in my sincerest promise, I try to keep them separate. There is just so much to share, it becomes hard.

Friday's fun and Family Friendly Guest Post
We had a lovely post by Robbie Cheadle. She is an amazing fondant artist that creates her illustrations for her children's books seriously, out of fondant.  They are delightful. This is a set of characters she created for a valentines story during Mystery Thriller Week.

The Gallery

This week also provided the announcement of the newest feature on the Path of the Writer.  There have already been some artists sign up for Sunday Stroll in the Gallery. We will begin sharing the first showcase on June 4th. I believe you will enjoy the variety and the beauty of the work of these artists. If you have artwork you want to share, contact me at I would love to feature you. 

My week in books

 I have had some excellent reading this week. Between blogs and releases, I managed to fit in a brand new book by Dan Nimak. Me and Mister Bo is a book that is filled with color and adventure, love and decisions. The characters were so well written and to be honest, this was some of the best dialogs I have ever seen in a book. This book touched me so much. I will be featuring it on The Page Turner next week.  

I also read The Inkblots by Damion Searls which is the story of Hermann Rorschach. This book told about how Hermann was a dedicated psychiatrist who felt compelled to truly help those locked away in asylums. Until that point, they had simply been stored away in secret and mistreated. It is a beautiful book. Rorschach was a beautiful man in my opinion. His heart had been broken throughout life, and he wanted to do great things with his intelligence.  

Finally, I read Deadly Spirits by E. Michael Helms which was a great mystery that had lots of paranormal excitement and skepticism included in the storyline. I enjoyed this so much. I am now reading another Mac McClellan novel since this one was so good. 

Interaction and Promotion

As a blogger and writer, I participated in two events on Facebook. One was a Q&A that was a lot of fun. I was able to share my love of blogging along with my love of novel writing. I was invited by The Books and Everything group to answer questions for an hour and I had such a fun time.  It was nice to be able to share how I feel about being asked to provide a review, my relationship with authors that ask and my system of rating books.  It was a fun time. If you want to see the transcript, it is here

Today I met two new fans of the Halloween Anthology, Katlie came to my yard sale and talked about how much she loves books. so I shared a signed book with her. About an hour later, she brought another reader. Mollie wanted a copy too, so I gave her one. They were so sweet, they told people all up and down the crowded community about the writer on the end of the block. So I snapped a picture and shared it on Instagram.  

So there you have my week. I hope yours was great too.  Let me know in the comments. I am always interested.  

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