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A few favorite reviews!

 Fantastic book and lots of emotions!  This book was very empowering and certainly inspirational. I recommend it to anybody that wants an inspiring read, or likes a good tearjerker book.  Anthony Kummer - Amazon 
Great Story This was a wonderfully written story of courage and resilience of spirit. Highly recommended reading. Susan - Amaozn
Adding this book to my UnPutDownAble shelf!   What I liked about this book was everything. It is a debut novel and some of the best books I have read are debut novels. I don't think I have ever read anything like this before.   Kathy LeJune - Amazon

 A Gratifying Coming-of-Age!   Throughout my reading of this story, my mind kept playing the refrain of book title, ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,’ for its pervasive themes of loneliness and resilience. My review for ‘The Path of the Child’ is based on what I deem a perfect fit for the genres of Young Adult and Coming-of-Age in addressing the theme of resilience.     Eva Pasco - Amazon

Path of the Child is almost equal parts heart rending and heart warming. Our heroine 17 year old Melanie, is an instantly identifiable and sympathetic character, and on reading her plight, you cannot fail to root for her. From the first pages you’ll be sucked into a truly engaging story.  Dean Baker - Goodreads

Great collection of stories  I really enjoyed it it was a great collection of stories. My favorite was the addiction to Halloween candy and the underlining mysterious about it a really great writing can't wait for More.  Diana Golding - Amazon

“I refuse to be a person that cannot move forward in life due to the chains of their childhood.” 
Reading this book made me feel so good inside, and I really mean it. It was a heart-touching story which grabbed me from the first few pages and I had a hard time putting it down.   Alp - Goodreads

I would be delighted to see a sequel for each of the main characters. There is so much going on with each of the characters that could justify an original Netflix series. All of this, and it this author’s first novel. Chris - Amazon

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