Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Meet Emily from Who's That in the Cat Pajamas?

Dolcey has a gift, her talent is helping children when troubles come their way. Not small problems, but big problems that are difficult to work through. In book 1 of the Dolcey series, we meet Emily.

Emily has a dilemma, her parents have just told her news that devastated her young heart. She is expected to leave her friends and family. Worst of all, they seem to want her to be happy about this.

This little brown hair green eyed girl is angry, and she is not going to hide in her room and silently sulk. She has other ideas, in fact, she is going to make them realize just how sad and upset she really is.

When she begins to cry before going to sleep on the night she got the news, she never expected for something so magical and so amazing to happen. It almost made her smile. But that would never do, how could she smile when her young life had been flipped upside down.

If you want to read how one little girl and one little cat can make life better with magic and sharing, then pick up, Who's that in the Cat Pajamas? A children's chapter book in the Docley series that is coming to Amazon and Barnes and Noble on June 2, 2017.

Keep watching for more character moments from this upcoming book by Sojourner McConnell.

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