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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Motivational Morning Quotes, Famous Inspirational Thoughts, Famous Self Help Sentences: Meaningful Morning Quotes !

Motivational Morning Quotes, Famous Inspirational Thoughts, Famous Self Help Sentences: Meaningful Morning Quotes !

Just ran into this blog and what delightful morning quotes they are.  Hope you come away feeling as great as I did.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Camp NaNoWriMo, are you joining in?

April 1st means another year at Camp NaNoWroMo. An exciting event where you commit to writing in a 30 day period as many words on a project as you desire.

I am going to go for the 50,000 words that NaNoWriMo is known for and I will be working on a project called The Path to the Past. It is a follow-up to the first book featuring Melanie Easton and her family. This will be continuing from where we left off and taking Melanie into a new world of living with people that she doesn't actually know very well.  It will also allow her to search for the elusive secrets that have been withheld all her life.

There is a lot on my plate with this book. So my plan is to start off fresh with her story strong in my mind and take her through an entirely new adventure. Those that know and love Melanie will see her facing more challenges and seeking more answers.  Rob will be making an appearance as will others from the Path of the Child.  Melanie is not a child any longer, and she has goals and plans.

Keep watching here for more updates on her journey down the Path to the Past.  If you have not read Melanie's story and want to be ready for the next journey, then you can pick it up at Amazon or on Smashwords.

Join me in writing during Camp NaNoWriMo and have fun, earn a few badges, and make some friends. It is a great place to spend April and July each year.

Remember at Camp Nano, if you have a WIP you can bring it in for editing and that counts just like writing a new transcript.  There is also the screenwriting option. The camp has something for everyone.

The End! Celebration!

I just typed The End to the Dolcey story.

I am super excited and also thrilled that after the post earlier, an illustrator contacted me to illustrate the book.  I just am beyond happy at this moment.

My 3-month dream of writing this book has happened.

On to editing:
On to illustrations:
On to publishing.

Hip Hip Hurray!

Illustration experience is needed!

Today is a turning point, I am looking for an illustrator for Who's That in the Cat Pajamas?  I am checking out Fiverr and seeing what I can get. I have an image in mind for both Dolcey and Emily. I have ideas for the other pages too.  Should I go in with an expectation or leave it to the illustrator's discretion?  This is my fairy muse.

Has anyone used an illustrator before? I could sure use some helpful tips before I rush in and make myself look inexperienced or worse yet, foolish.
Here is my muse for the child.

As this is a chapter book I am wanting sketches more than artistic painting. I asked my daughter to check the multitude of chapter books in her daughter's bookcases and that has helped me some.

Any advice from other children's book writers?  I am trying to pull it all together.
Thanks for visiting, follow me, I am looking for friends and blog mates to share ideas.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Little reward at the end of a hard day

Nothing feels better than when you get a message on Facebook that someone unexpected read your book.

This someone is my 12-year-old granddaughter that happened to find her Dad's copy on his dresser, was curious and read it. She has been messaging me all night about it.

Nothing makes a writer happier than to be appreciated by her own family.  No review, no stars, just her opinion.  I'll take it!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Melanie's Discovery!

I wanted to share a little about my writing journey. I  am drawn to history and historical places, my mind is pretty packed with descriptive places and little tidbits of history and trivia.  When I write, these little facts come spilling out and add flavor to the stories I am telling.  So when you read a little short story or a whole book, you will find little bits encapsulated within.

One of these moments occurs on one of the first few pages of The Path of the Child. Melanie in her solitary way is reading about Helen Keller in the main office of the school. This relates back to the first autobiography I remember reading in about the 4th grade. Helen Keller's own story. It was just as poignant to me that day as it was to Melanie when she read it. That first book sharing the revelations of a life scarred by the unfair illness as a toddler. A woman's life that reached beyond what was expected of her and became the role model, speaker, amazing woman that we know about and honor even today.

Helen Keller age 12
In my school, Fairview School in Ensley, Alabama, the autobiographies and biographies were hardback books with red covers. They called out to me. They made me want to know about Helen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain. The list of red covered books goes on and on, but the selling point on Helen Keller was that she was still alive at that time. She was still being spoken about in my home and on the news. She was from, Tuscumbia,  a small town in my home state and I wanted to know about her. The little baby that had lost her vision, hearing, and ability to speak as a toddler and now was making speeches all over the country. It was the perfect first autobiography. I, as a young child, learned so much about perseverance from her.

I could see and I could hear, but I had my own set of burdens. I read how she was loved by her parents but they did not know how to treat her. They treated her with pity and sorrow and it was detrimental to her maturity. It was only when her parents brought in Anne Sullivan,  a young woman from the North, to teach her that her world opened up and bloomed. Helen learned braille and sign language and once again, for the first time since she was a toddler, she was able to connect to the world.

Helen and Anne
This is what I wanted, what I  hoped Melanie would do when I offered to let her read this same book in her story. It provided her with an inner strength that blossomed. Melanie now had a secret weapon to face the unfairness in her life.  Melanie Easton had a coping mechanism.

If you are interested in sharing Melanie's journey, you can find her story in The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell. She is waiting to meet you and show you her life laid bare.

Her story will continue with The Path to the Past. I am writing that book now and there will be other defining points in that journey as well. I hope you will join me in learning more about Melanie.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Scrivener Saturday!

Today I woke up ready to write. I chose the story that I wanted to focus on and I have focused well. I have written about 1000 words so far which doesn't take into account all the words I have deleted and changed.

I find myself editing as I go, recreating sentences several times before being satisfied. How many similar items are too many when you are making a point?  I add and subtract and then add them back in. Does anyone else second guess themselves in this manner? 

Research this morning went well and brought in a new dimension to the story. I like what I found and think it will resonate with the readers.  As this is a middle grade / YA story, I am hoping that they will enjoy the research done to make it authentic.

Research is such a fun part of writing. It allows more depth to the characters and their story.  Now to get the images created to go along with the story.  I would love to be an artist. It is a shame that the images I have in my mind are not going to be the final product. Hopefully, the final products will go above and beyond my own vision of Hiram, and his world.

I only want images to project the feel of the chapter so it isn't like producing an illustrated story.  

What are your thoughts on the number of images needed to tell a story?  Just the cover image or more?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mentoring about a Book Signing Needed!

Has anyone set up their own book signing, let's say at a coffee house, a library, or another place that doesn't immediately come to my mind? I would love as an indie author to promote my book in person at least once to see if I can get over my timidness.

I talked tonight with another indie author and he suggested that I set up a book signing complete with 4 or 5 author friends. I just happen to have 3 other local writers that I might coax into joining me.

Are you able to help me come up with more ideas for such an event? Any ideas would be so appreciated. Believe me, I have already been to Pinterest and my mind is buzzing with ideas, but share your own with me!

In fact, if you are local to the Lexington Kentucky area, there would be a spot for you to join us.
Please let me know. I look forward to meeting more indie authors and learning how you promote in person and off of the Internet.

For a nice change of pace let's log out of Facebook and Twitter and hit the streets of Lexington Kentucky.

I have a set of questions that perhaps someone could assist me with:

  1. How many books should you bring with you?
  2. Should you also bring bookmarks, business cards, pens, and other swag?
  3. Does swag help in brand retention?
  4. How far ahead should you plan an event?
  5. If you have a book almost ready to publish should you promote it while selling your last book?
  6. Would you suggest a mailing list sign up sheet?
Thank you in advance, don't be shy. This is what leads me to this blog post. I want to be able to face new readers with confidence. Won't you help?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Exciting News on the Writing Front

Exciting news on the writing front.

Seven years ago I wrote an article on a mining explosion in the small town where I lived near Birmingham, Alabama. Each year a new group of people find the article and pass it around on Facebook. This year it landed in the hands of the Editor of the Jefferson County Historical Society Journal.

Tom contacted me and asked if they could publish it in their quarterly journal.  I agreed and set about making sure all the i's were dotted and the t's crossed.  No typos to embarrass me on this.  When I checked my email this morning I was asked if I would like to be a contributor to the journal. Again, I had no qualms about saying yes. I look at it like "loves writing loves to research"kind of vibe.  I am a thrilled writer.

I am in the middle of writing two brand new books.

The first one is featuring a little cat who assists children in finding their happiness.  This is looking to be a series of books. I will share more about this book later.  For now, I will say, I love this cat!
Here is a little snippet from the book:

Emily brought a small shallow bowl of milk and set it in front of Dolcey. She placed it right against the little rug and Dolcey stopped padding her feet and took dainty laps of the milk. Her little cat lips turned up in a smile as she realized she would be sleeping here tonight with the little sad girl named Emily. Tomorrow she would start helping Emily find her smile again. For tonight, though, we sleep in the big toasty bed.

The second book is about a personable alien.  He is quite chatty to me when I am writing, although he speaks a different language than I, we are on the same page. So beware the alien, Hiram.

Here is a  little snippet from the book:

“My name is Hiram. Well, I go by Hiram here. My real name is unpronounceable by mere humans. It involves clicks, gurgles and a sound that only a body with two larynxes can form.“
“Seeing as you were born on this blue ball you call Earth; I will assume you have only one larynx. So you may call me Hiram. 

I hope you are intrigued about these two books and keep following the blog.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Short Story: Dime a Dance by Sojourner McConnell

11:59 November 1, 1985
The trains had all pulled out of the station.  No more people lounging on the benches or pacing about checking their watches or the clock on the wall.
No, the only person left behind was the elderly man that worked behind the counter.  His dark gray hair covered by a green old fashioned visor.  He walked from around the ticket booth counter and gave a glance around the wide open space.  Litter was always a problem, sure it annoyed him. But what can one man do?  You can’t watch everyone, every moment.
Lifting his glasses off his nose with shaky hands he wiped the lenses on his shirt tail then replaced them. With the clean glasses, he was able to see more of the messes that were scattered around the vast room.
Bottles of water propped against the wooden benches were a common find after the last train left each night.  Eleven fifty-eight.  The last train always left at eleven fifty-eight.  The little-stooped man looked up at the big clock over the west end of the terminal.  Twelve ten, yep he was still right on schedule.
Marvin Wilson knew his job better than anyone else.  He had been an employee for the terminal for the last forty-two years.  He had started as a young man and never felt the need to move on.  He felt like he was an owner of this massive brick building.
Marvin spent five, many times, six evenings a week in this brick building.  He was always willing to come in when one of the other employees chose not to show.  He never had reason to call into work stating he couldn’t make it.  He had more pride than the younger generation, he thought, more of a work ethic.
Marvin had no time for the younger men and women. He did not approve of their ungentlemanly manner. Their language was coarse and crude. They did not dress neatly. He always wore a dress shirt, dress pants, and a vest. He always made sure he looked professional. Marvin managed to cross the terminal while deep in thought.  He reached for the broom that stayed propped beside the lockers on the east wall.  Marvin pushed the broom gathering up bits of paper, pebbles and empty cans and bottles.
Marvin never understood people that tossed their trash on the floor, no respect anymore.  He did not understand why no one cared anymore.  Surely things had not changed so much. Didn’t parents make their children behave, toss out their trash in official receptacles?
He shook his head as he walked along in a straight path gathering up an impressive pile of rubbish.  Marvin whistled a little it was weak and breathy and the tune was unclear and unrecognizable.  It seemed to sooth him while he did his final tasks.
Marvin had covered almost all of the area that was clear of benches and vending machines. The wide open area where people walk about freely was now swept clean. Without fear of stepping on anyone’s toes.  All he needed to do now was run his broom under the benches.
Bending low and groaning with the motion, Marvin brushed the broom under the first bench pulling out a torn magazine and a gum wrapper.  He stood again holding the trash in his gloved hand. Marvin dropped the trash into the bin that he pulled along behind.  Glad that there were wheels on the base.  Some new ideas were an improvement he decided.
Moving along in a small caravan to the second bench he thought he saw something.  He peeked over the edge of the bench and there was a shoe box.  Lifting the lid he peered inside and there was a pair of dancing shoes.
Marvin picked up and examined the right shoe.  He saw it was a brand new shoe, with pristine soles and no signs of ever being worn.  Size seven with a scrolling signature lay inside the foot.  The color was rich and shone brighter than a new penny.
This was not the usual find. The usual find was a teddy bear, a pack of cigarettes or an occasional backpack. Marvin picked up the box of shoes and slowly crept back over to the counter when he placed them.
He would place them in the lost and found when he finished with the cleaning.  The shoes tickled his memory.  They felt so familiar.  The color was unusual; it rang some bells in his memory.  He felt he had seen these shoes before.  Tapping his forehead he mumbled, “Think Marvin, think.”
Marvin pushed the broom down each row of benches.  Finding little-hidden caches of trash but not acknowledging each find as he had before.  His mind was back in the past.
Marvin heard far off music, not sure if it was inside or outside of his own mind, he just listened. Suddenly he remembered a dancing hall that he had frequented as a young man.  He remembered the ladies that would dance for a dime.  With their beautiful dresses and their sparkling shoes, the ladies had class.  They made men feel strong and important.
Marvin did not even go into a spiel about the kids today. He was lost back in the good old days. The days where he fit in before he lost his heart to the dancer in the silver shoes and the flowing dress.
He stopped dragging the broom and turned before he moved quicker over to the counter. He once again looked at the shoes.  He knew these shoes.

He sat down on the bench that was closest to the counter. The box of shoes in his hand, his thumb rubbing over the name of the shoe store he just sat there.  The store was one he recognized, White’s Shoes. It used to be on the corner of State and eightieth.  It had been gone for years. It burned in the sixties. When there was a demonstration by those anti-war people.  He remembered seeing White’s Shoes burn that night.  It was vivid in his mind.  The protesters being arrested and the people were mentally torn as to whose side they were actually on. It was a terrible time.  Life had been filled with terrible times.  Perhaps that is why he felt so bitter.  No, he disregarded that theory. He remembered why he became bitter. He remembered it all now.
Lana, the red haired, green eyed,  dime a dance dancer that brought him to life. Marvin always felt happy hearing her tinkling laugh and sweet voice.  Lana, with the beautiful shape and magical dancing shoes.  Lana, who he met on every night she worked just so they could dance. He saved his dimes; it was like he only worked for those dimes.  He lost his heart on the dance floor in that smoky dance club.
He asked Lana to meet him outside after her shift and she winked and smiled coyly. “I will be there, wait for me.”
"Yes, my love. I will wait."
  Marvin had waited until almost morning. He finally gave up hope when the street lights turned off and the morning light started peeking over the building tops.  He left, broken, his heart remaining outside that brick dance hall.  He never went back. He was never the same.
Marvin finished his cleaning, punched his time card and left.  When he fell asleep that night in his little brownstone apartment he dreamed of Lana. Lana appeared in his room holding out her hand to him. When he took her hand he left his body lying in that room.
Marvin felt a moment of love and happiness before fading out of view still holding Lana’s lovely hand and a smile on his young face.
The shoes remain in the lost and found of the main terminal.  No one has claimed them yet.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Short Story: Second-Hand Hero by Sojourner McConnell

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Second-Hand Hero by Sojourner McConnell

I woke up this morning in the mood for something new. I had known right away what it had to be. So I grabbed my checkbook and began to subtract the debits from my checking account. To assure I had the funds for my mid-week escape. When I wake up in this type of mood, there is no other place that cures what ails me like, Susan's Second-Hand Rose. That store amused me like no other. There were vintage clothing and shoes. I have always loved a good nineteen forties Dress.
It made me happy to dress like an actress in some of my favorite movies. The Egg and I, My Favorite Wife, I remember Mama. Oh, I do love a good nineteen forties movie. I loved wearing a dress that made me feel like Irene Dunne. Sure, I looked nothing like her. I for sure don't speak as she did. I am a country girl from Alabama with straight blond hair. I couldn't pass for the beautiful Irene Dunne if I tried. But I sure feel like her when I am in one of those dresses.
But today, I wasn't interested in those dresses, or Irene Dunne. Today I wanted to find a well-loved book. One that had been read by a sensible woman from the middle of last century. I wanted to fall in love with a man that had caused another woman's heart to flutter in her chest right after the Second World War.
But not just any man. He had to be one of those handsome young men that felt the call to arms. A man that had enlisted with vim and vigor. A man that had written to his family regularly telling them of his love of God and country. A man that had stood up bravely on the shores of Normandy. A man that had loved deeply and was now afraid he would never love like that again.
I knew that he had come from a farming community somewhere in middle America. A man that would come home a little different than when he left. A little wiser, a little jaded and perhaps a little broken. I needed to find this man and mainly I needed to read his story.
Today, I needed to be the woman who saw him as he returned home, a hero. The woman who saw him as the only man she could love. The woman who could acclimate him back to civilian life. The woman who made him able to love again. The woman who made him feel unafraid of loud crashes of thunder and vivid lightning. The woman who made him whole again.
Today, I needed to be that woman. I wanted to read myself into her words and see myself in her clothes, wearing her sturdy shoes. I wanted to read myself in her actions. I needed to be the woman who had sacrificed her own sleep to make sure he was able to sleep through the night again. Today I needed to be the woman who loved that soldier.
I had only been inside the shop for a moment when I was approached by the owner. Susan. She always greeted me with a smile and called me by name, today was no different.
She asked, "Lillian, what are you looking for today? I have several nice dresses that I just acquired."
I shook my head and told her, "Today, I have something else in mind."
I walked to the back wall where the second-hand books were stacked neatly on the floor to ceiling bookcase. I began to cull through the books hoping to find what I needed so desperately.
There were plenty of books on that large oak shelf that were about the war. The hard surfaces faded and the corners curled, but I did not find what I was seeking. I brought over the footstool that Susan kept for short people like me, to reach the higher shelves. I climbed up the first rung. There I was able to see what treasures were housed just above my head.

The faded greens and grays with the occasional pale orange and blood red bindings were a delight for my eyes. My nose was also twitching with excitement at the aroma of those books, some almost one hundred years old. My fingers felt thick with the ages old dust and oil of other people's hands. Yet, I was in heaven. I slid my fingers over every title written on the side panel of each and every book. Then I saw something that made my heart flutter. I took in a deep breath and smiled.
The title was Come Home My Darling by Dorothy Napier, the cover was deep blue and the letters were embossed. My fingers traced over the letters and I pulled it off of the shelf. I did not even step off the stool, I simply opened the book and read.
The train pulled into the station and the soldiers began to cover the cement platform like ants marching in green wool. Men in all manner of military garb stood shoulder to shoulder, duffel bags on their backs and nervous grimaces on their faces. Every eye was shifting back and forth as they looked desperately for familiar faces. One by one the grimaces became smiles when they found there was someone who loved them waiting at the station.
I watched hoping to find the one face that would respond to my smile. I wanted to be there when he came home, his welcoming wife. If he is not on this train, I will be here, for the next, and the next. I will be here to welcome him home. No matter how many smiles I have to muster.
I sighed. Yes, in my hand was the book that had called me here. Here was the woman I needed to read about. I would wait with her on that crowded platform, waiting for him, our hero, to come home. I had found exactly what I needed. I took that blue hardback book to Susan. I paid in a hurry, ready to escape to my own home, to my own bed. To read the second-hand book that had so urgently called to me today, to meet my second-hand hero.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I had a little book, it was the merest thought, the merest character until it blossomed into a full-fledged idea and a full fledged story.
I said I would be working on a new genre and I am happy to announce  I am well into the story and I am very excited about the characters and their interactions.
I started with one type of book in mind and took it up a notch. I am so glad I did. These characters had so much more going for them than I at first imagined.  I do love when a character shakes me up and says “Hey Listen!”
I am listening Dolcey, I am listening. 

 Hurry up and tell me what I need to know. Hiram needs to get his story out too.
Don’t worry Hiram, I have you started too. Hold on, hold on, you are about to be set free. Keep feeding me your backstory. I am listening.
Two strong characters with a lot of appeal coming soon.  Oh, what a time to be writing!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Paperback and E book Available

The Path of the Child by Sojourner McConnell is available in  This YA coming of age book follows Melanie Easton as she seeks out the family that has been kept from her for seventeen years.  Join Mel and Rob as they attempt to find what is missing from her life. difficulties and happiness work together to form the path of the child.

Please feel free to contact me and give me feedback.  This is my first book and I would love to know what you think. Please remember to leave a review at so that others can find this book. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy to inform everyone that the book is now available on Kindle as well as through Amazon books.  The title is The Path of the Child and I am happy to say that I have had several readers comment that they really enjoyed the read.   That is the best words to hear when you have published something from the heart.

The Path of the Child is available here in both versions.

To be able to announce the publication is a dream come true for me. Thank you for your interest and let me know what you think about the story.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Path of the Child has been released on Kindle.  The much-anticipated arrival happened  July 7, 2012, on a Sunday morning.  The print version is only a few days away.  This experience has been very emotional and has taken me on quite a spin on the learning curve.  I seem to have been dangling with my hands over my head and my feet off the ground due to the height of this learning curve. I am happy that I can report I have completed the first phase of the publication and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the second phase.

The story of Melanie Easton is a simple one but one that deserves to be told.  I look forward to reviews on this first book.  I welcome any comments on the story.
I would like to thank all the people that helped me get this publication off the ground.  Angie, Denise, Averil and Janette.  Thank you for your parts of this puzzle.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet Jim Creek

Jim Creek opened Tribal Pizza back in nineteen ninety and had always kept a full crew of high school juniors and seniors on the payroll.  One of the pizza delivery drivers that he had working for him this year was Robert Reynolds.  Robert had been what Jim would call a steady employee. He rarely called in and he usually made it into the shop right before his five o'clock shift was to start.  When Robert walked in with a school mate he did not know that he was going to be drawn into the life of this shy and quiet girl.

Once he was introduced to Melanie Easton and spent a little time talking with her, he knew that she was a special young lady. Jim prided himself on knowing the make up of a person after just a few minutes with them, and he knew that this girl was one of the good ones.  He found her to be honest and forthright in their simple conversations and took an immediate like to her. He always said that his Italian blood would boil if a dishonest person came into his shop.

If called upon, he felt that he would defend and protect this girl like he would one of his own children.  In fact when the short Italian man looked at her he felt that she could be one of the most innocent and honest people he had ever met.  He hoped he had not read her wrong when things took an unexpected turn a short time after that first meeting.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet Melanie Easton

Melanie Easton is the main character in the soon to be released book "The Path of the Child".  Melanie has struggled through life alone and cut off from anyone that would make her feel loved.

Attending school is the only social outlet that she has been allowed and as the only place she can go to get out of the apartment that she shares with her mother, Katherine.  Up until now it was also the one place she wanted to be.

Although socially awkward, she has a deep drive to make something of her life.  This drive is a powerful motivator for her to learn all that she can through both school and her own personal reading and research to find out who she is and where she came from.

Not content to  be stunted in her mental growth, she strives to move past the neglectful parent and make something important of her life.

Learn more about Melanie's path to self awareness when The Path of the Child is released in the next few weeks.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Teaser From the Second Book

The second book " The Most Peculiar Halloween" contains a time travelling teenager.  I am including a teaser from this unpublished book for your enjoyment.  Comments and feedback are welcome :)  


With Mildred focused on the adult conversation and looking so tired, Gemma went straight to her own room and climbed on the bed. She pulled out the am radio that was stored under the lip of her bedside table and started listening to the music that was playing from the local rock and roll station. She listened to the words of Earth Angel and she felt herself getting sad for the singer. She continued listening and the disc jockey played Sha-boom and she laughed at the falsetto of the singer in the band the Chords. Gemma attempted to sing along with the words, but they made no sense to her so she just la la la’d instead of singing the actual words.  She knew the tune from somewhere, so she happily faked the words. Maybe there was something to this old music and maybe they did have good taste in music after all. When the next song came on she hopped off the bed and danced around the room singing along with Elvis Presley while her hips twisted to the left and the right.
Well, that’s all right now Mama 
That’s all right with you
That’s all right now Mama
Just any way you do
That’s all right
That’s all right
That’s alright now mama
Just any way you do
Yes this music was perfect for dancing the twist. Gemma struggled to breathe while both singing the chorus and twisting on the braided rug in front of her bed.  Gym class with the dance classes had been teaching her how to twist on one toe while shaking her hips and she twisted all over her bedroom.  She wasn’t sure if the twist had even been invented, but that didn’t stop her from twisting like a mad woman all across the floor.  After the chorus, she allowed Elvis to sing solo while she just twisted her hips to the unknown words.  Once the chorus came around, she was ready to sing along with him as she danced.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds is a seventeen year old boy that attends the same school as Melanie Easton.  Most people just call him Rob, he doesn't tell anyone but his mom called him Robbie when he was little.  His mom passed away suddenly when Rob was just seven years old.

Rob is one of those kids that is proud to say he has a great relationship with his dad. Together they have made the best of a difficult situation and even though his dad dates on occasion he has never remarried.  Robert has a delivery driver job at Tribal Pizza,  his dad says that as long as his grades remain good he can keep the job up until time to start college.

Robert has passed Melanie walking to and from school as long as he can remember and one morning he decided that he would like to ask her to ride.  He knew her from school and knew that she had never missed a day. She was one of the only students that had made it through the tenth grade with no absences.  She had never invited people into her little world of reading and silence, he admits that her wall has made him want to get to know her even more. He likes to say that he sees her as a challenge.  Rob is very active in the science clubs at school and is looking forward to starting college.  He plans to study medicine at The University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Medicine.  Since his moms passing he has wanted to be a doctor to prevent other children from losing a parents in the same manner.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Katherine Easton

Katherine Easton was only seventeen when she found out she was expecting a baby.  Still mourning the loss of her mother she had no one she felt she could turn to.  Alone with this great burden, she ran away and moved herself into a women's shelter to wait out the arrival of this child.

Once the child was born, she realized she had no connection to her. No bonds had been formed while carrying her for the last nine months.  All she knew was that this was her child and she was going to keep her.  She realized that there were programs that paid her and bought her groceries as long as she provided a home and food for the baby.

Katherine put in her seventeen years as the child's mother and made sure that Social Services were not called again due to neglect.  The time was getting close for the child to move out and make her own way.  To be honest Katherine couldn't wait for that time.  Her drinking has escalated and her staying out all night with men that came into the restaurant where she worked were her main priorities now. Melanie was as always a fleeting thought when someone mentioned their daughter or Social Services.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Copyright is in Place

The copyright for the novel "The Path of the Child" has been issued.  Today is a day of finalization of the details. With the copyright in place and the cover art being worked on, my dream is getting closer each day.  The path that I am on is an exciting path and I love having you join me as we blaze this trail together. .

Sojourner Mc Connell’s Registered & Protected Novel

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Travel is not for the Faint of Heart

When writing a time travel book, be prepared to research, research and do more research.  Then when you think you have it all ready, prepare to find yourself having to check just a few more facts.  Which in fact involves even more research.  So when you think you know enough about the turn of last century, be ready to admit there are some things that didn't spring to mind.

This last day of writing has been so intense.  Worthwhile but very intense.  When you read the book, I think you will know what I was writing about on these most intense days.  Mildred has been put through the wringer today and I hope to bring her to a more pleasant place next chapter.

I hope you find Mildred as unforgettable as I do.
Thank you for coming down this path with me.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wagon's ho!

Today was one of the days where the words flowed quickly.  The wagon was loaded and the family began the trip west.  The noises from the back of the wagon were as timeless as a sunrise.  The path to Amy's sister's house was littered with crying children, arguing teens and frustrated adults.

This is the hardest section to write. I am saddened by this portion of Mildred's story.  All I can repeat is that it is for the greater good.

The path that we were on today was one of pain and bonding.  It seems, at least for Mildred Miller that without one there is not the other.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Researching While Everyone Else Naps

While most everyone sleeps I begin down the path to turn of last century research. I want the book to be authentic and not be filled with little inaccuracies. I am seeking out dates for Polio vaccine discovery and automobile production in the 1900s.  With the story-line worked out in my mind, I want to make sure that the ages are correct as to when certain events happened.  With a certain path inked out for this family, I want to make sure that the era Mildred wants to portray is accurate.  Mildred is a strong character and has made sure that things are written her way.  There are other strong characters in this second book, but they are willing to let me decide how best to tell their story.  Gemma came to me in the night so I had a good grasp on her, but Mildred made sure I told her story in her way. You might notice when the book comes out that her story-line is a little different than Gemma's.
So now that everyone is awake and active, there is no more writing for me tonight.  So thanks again for coming down this path with me and reading along throughout the process.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Weekend is a Time for Research

Heading out for the weekend and while I am away, I will have my trusty laptop surfing Google and all things cars.  I am working on a plot line that calls for reliable and accurate information on the types of travel families used in the early 1900's.

This second book has plenty of detail work for me to sink my research teeth into.  I love when a path takes me into the past.  To me there is nothing better than going through old journals, diaries and pictures to find a story.  Mildred will be either a passenger on a wagon or in a car with her family as they prepare to relocate.  Will her family be able to afford a family t-model or will they have the old team take them just as their ancestors arrived before them.  I will know after this weekend.  Perhaps I will share the answer, or maybe I will leave it for when  you read the book.
Thanks for traveling down this path with me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Formatting and Conversion Training Today

This morning the path opened up and before me was a list of read me files. Learning how to format this book in a Kindle friendly form is challenging. I am fortunate that I have a geek squad living in the same house as me so that I can rely on them to explain these terms.

Taking a break from the format talk and PDF details, I turned to the second book which is a little different from the first book. Keeping two books active at the same time sometimes can be a little confusing.

It seems one of my second book characters decided to name their child a name I do not like. I have been wrestling with a name change and the character is pretty adamant that she likes her daughters name. As of right now the name stays the same. I may have more to say to this character about choosing a name that I do not like later. For now, I will let it stay. At least it is a pretty short name. Sometimes these long names befuddle me.

The Path of the Child has its own ISBN now and things are progressing as we move toward publication.

Thanks for dropping in and seeing how it is going.

 Right now it is time for me to go back to writing on the second book for a bit before tackling the PDF files again. Geek squad hurry home. I have questions.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to the Path of the Writer

This is the blog that will mark the progress of becoming a published author.  This path is small and narrow, like the veins on a leaf. 

The publication of my first book titled The Path of the Child, is less than one month away.  This book has been writing its self for almost a year.  Just as any path there will be vines and roots that may threaten to trip me or tickle me as I venture down.  I will try to include all the dear readers that want to travel with me into the great unknown known as publishing on E-books.

To give a little information on my first novel, The title is The Path of the Child and it is the story of seventeen year old Melanie.  Melanie is a girl that has been alone most of her life. Accustomed to her solitude, she is surprised when a boy from school named Robert offers her a ride. After being befriended by this schoolmate, she discovers that there are reasons for her strange home life and she and Robert set about to discover the secrets of her life and family.   

I hope you will join me in this journey and become as excited about Mealnie Easton as I am.