Sunday, May 14, 2017

Learning the ropes of a blog tour and official pre-order and launch ceremony.

As this is the path of a writer, I would be remiss if I didn't share the fun, (read exciting yet extreme learning curve) of preparing for my book launch.

I have been busy contacting bloggers and asking for their assistance in sharing the news of my children's book release on June 2nd. Blogging pros and authors which have hosted book release blog tours before and are graciously providing tips for my own. And heaven knows, I need their assistance.

Today, in fact,  I am working on the banner for the beautiful presentation I see in my mind. Now, it is up to the details. Creating artwork is not exactly my thing, but when push comes to shove, I get in there with the best and give it my all.

I can see it, I just have to transfer it to the physical realm. Last week I revealed my cover art and I am so excited about it. The little cat face makes me happy every time I see it.  I hope it does children around the world.

Dolcey is not a United States cat, she is a world cat, she has a world vision and she wants to touch children all over the world.  She and I have this dream.

Of course, when facing a deadline, all good writers know that you take a step back, create a new project and just go for it. Or at least that is how this one writer does.

Thank you all for following along with my writing journey. It is an exciting one and I hope you will share the story of Dolcey with Moms and Dads everywhere. I believe their children will love it.

If you have tips and tricks for a successful launch, please share them with me. I will be ever so grateful and will sing your praises all over the internet. That's how I do!


  1. So Horror launches are a bit different than children's book launches, obviously, but I find it best to really peak people's interest leading up the date. Start a countdown on Facebook and update it every few days with a new post (not every day. That's spam), and maybe reveal one of the illustrations for the book a week before the actual launch date. For my book, I did sample releases, two of them I think. Also, consider asking other bloggers (me) to post something on the day of your book release. And, of course, REVIEWS are a huge part to a good launch. Find some author friends (me) that would be willing to take a look and review. Even better if they have kids ;) (not me)

    1. I have a blog tour planned, I have 2-3 reviewers, but want more and crossing my fingers for good results. I have not gotten all the illustrations back so I can't send book out with illustrations for another week. Cutting it closer than I like, but reasonable time for a child's book. I hope. I have tried not to spam, I know how annoying that can be. I am better at promoting other people than myself for just that reason. I seem to recall you have siblings. Interested in a review? I actually think you have a great grasp of all reading material.


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