Monday, May 8, 2017

Meet Ellie Barrett Illustrator for Who's that in the Cat Pajamas?

Now that you have seen a little bit about Dolcey and Emily, and the book cover, let me share our talented illustrator. She and I have been working together on this project and I am extremely pleased with her vision for our characters. I let her know I wanted to share her with you, so she was kind enough to provide me with her bio.

Here's Ellie Barrett:

My name is Elisabeth but most people call me Ellie, I’ve been freelancing as an illustrator for three years now! I always knew that I wanted to work with the visual, so as soon as I finished school I enrolled on a foundation course at the University for the Arts in Maidstone, where I could experiment with textiles, sculpture, digital arts, painting, fine art and plenty besides. I specialized in visual communications and finished my Extended Diploma in Art & Design certain that two-dimensional work with nostalgic themes are what I wanted to make!
From there I went to the University for the Creative Art’s (Surrey) to study a Certificate of Higher education in Illustration. This was where I could focus on mark making, best professional practice, art philosophy and digital images.
This was when I began freelancing to help support myself financially during my studies, and I have continued to the present day. I am also studying my Bachelor's Degree in Digital Arts at the School of Engineering, at the University of Kent.
Over the last year, I have found and refined the strengths between raster and vector based images and their key roles in modern narratives, whilst learning every day that when I am able to combine childhood nostalgia with contemporary graphic design principles, I can make images that make me smile, and hopefully my audiences too, be they young or old.

Her work is seen on Instagram. Thank you, Ellie, for being such an asset to Dolcey and me.

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