Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet Jim Creek

Jim Creek opened Tribal Pizza back in nineteen ninety and had always kept a full crew of high school juniors and seniors on the payroll.  One of the pizza delivery drivers that he had working for him this year was Robert Reynolds.  Robert had been what Jim would call a steady employee. He rarely called in and he usually made it into the shop right before his five o'clock shift was to start.  When Robert walked in with a school mate he did not know that he was going to be drawn into the life of this shy and quiet girl.

Once he was introduced to Melanie Easton and spent a little time talking with her, he knew that she was a special young lady. Jim prided himself on knowing the make up of a person after just a few minutes with them, and he knew that this girl was one of the good ones.  He found her to be honest and forthright in their simple conversations and took an immediate like to her. He always said that his Italian blood would boil if a dishonest person came into his shop.

If called upon, he felt that he would defend and protect this girl like he would one of his own children.  In fact when the short Italian man looked at her he felt that she could be one of the most innocent and honest people he had ever met.  He hoped he had not read her wrong when things took an unexpected turn a short time after that first meeting.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet Melanie Easton

Melanie Easton is the main character in the soon to be released book "The Path of the Child".  Melanie has struggled through life alone and cut off from anyone that would make her feel loved.

Attending school is the only social outlet that she has been allowed and as the only place she can go to get out of the apartment that she shares with her mother, Katherine.  Up until now it was also the one place she wanted to be.

Although socially awkward, she has a deep drive to make something of her life.  This drive is a powerful motivator for her to learn all that she can through both school and her own personal reading and research to find out who she is and where she came from.

Not content to  be stunted in her mental growth, she strives to move past the neglectful parent and make something important of her life.

Learn more about Melanie's path to self awareness when The Path of the Child is released in the next few weeks.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Teaser From the Second Book

The second book " The Most Peculiar Halloween" contains a time travelling teenager.  I am including a teaser from this unpublished book for your enjoyment.  Comments and feedback are welcome :)  


With Mildred focused on the adult conversation and looking so tired, Gemma went straight to her own room and climbed on the bed. She pulled out the am radio that was stored under the lip of her bedside table and started listening to the music that was playing from the local rock and roll station. She listened to the words of Earth Angel and she felt herself getting sad for the singer. She continued listening and the disc jockey played Sha-boom and she laughed at the falsetto of the singer in the band the Chords. Gemma attempted to sing along with the words, but they made no sense to her so she just la la la’d instead of singing the actual words.  She knew the tune from somewhere, so she happily faked the words. Maybe there was something to this old music and maybe they did have good taste in music after all. When the next song came on she hopped off the bed and danced around the room singing along with Elvis Presley while her hips twisted to the left and the right.
Well, that’s all right now Mama 
That’s all right with you
That’s all right now Mama
Just any way you do
That’s all right
That’s all right
That’s alright now mama
Just any way you do
Yes this music was perfect for dancing the twist. Gemma struggled to breathe while both singing the chorus and twisting on the braided rug in front of her bed.  Gym class with the dance classes had been teaching her how to twist on one toe while shaking her hips and she twisted all over her bedroom.  She wasn’t sure if the twist had even been invented, but that didn’t stop her from twisting like a mad woman all across the floor.  After the chorus, she allowed Elvis to sing solo while she just twisted her hips to the unknown words.  Once the chorus came around, she was ready to sing along with him as she danced.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds is a seventeen year old boy that attends the same school as Melanie Easton.  Most people just call him Rob, he doesn't tell anyone but his mom called him Robbie when he was little.  His mom passed away suddenly when Rob was just seven years old.

Rob is one of those kids that is proud to say he has a great relationship with his dad. Together they have made the best of a difficult situation and even though his dad dates on occasion he has never remarried.  Robert has a delivery driver job at Tribal Pizza,  his dad says that as long as his grades remain good he can keep the job up until time to start college.

Robert has passed Melanie walking to and from school as long as he can remember and one morning he decided that he would like to ask her to ride.  He knew her from school and knew that she had never missed a day. She was one of the only students that had made it through the tenth grade with no absences.  She had never invited people into her little world of reading and silence, he admits that her wall has made him want to get to know her even more. He likes to say that he sees her as a challenge.  Rob is very active in the science clubs at school and is looking forward to starting college.  He plans to study medicine at The University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Medicine.  Since his moms passing he has wanted to be a doctor to prevent other children from losing a parents in the same manner.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Katherine Easton

Katherine Easton was only seventeen when she found out she was expecting a baby.  Still mourning the loss of her mother she had no one she felt she could turn to.  Alone with this great burden, she ran away and moved herself into a women's shelter to wait out the arrival of this child.

Once the child was born, she realized she had no connection to her. No bonds had been formed while carrying her for the last nine months.  All she knew was that this was her child and she was going to keep her.  She realized that there were programs that paid her and bought her groceries as long as she provided a home and food for the baby.

Katherine put in her seventeen years as the child's mother and made sure that Social Services were not called again due to neglect.  The time was getting close for the child to move out and make her own way.  To be honest Katherine couldn't wait for that time.  Her drinking has escalated and her staying out all night with men that came into the restaurant where she worked were her main priorities now. Melanie was as always a fleeting thought when someone mentioned their daughter or Social Services.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Copyright is in Place

The copyright for the novel "The Path of the Child" has been issued.  Today is a day of finalization of the details. With the copyright in place and the cover art being worked on, my dream is getting closer each day.  The path that I am on is an exciting path and I love having you join me as we blaze this trail together. .

Sojourner Mc Connell’s Registered & Protected Novel