Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New Release Guest Post for Written in Stone by Debbie De Louise

Meow, there. My name is Sneaky, and I’m quite excited to be a guest on this blog today and talk about myself and my books. I’m a character in the Cobble Cove mystery series written by Debbie De Louise. I also have my own blog ( where I interview other pet characters, mostly felines so far, although I have featured a dog. I actually have a dog co-star in my series, Fido. He’s a golden retriever and quite smart for a dog. In our first book, A Stone’s Throw, he helped find a missing person. In our second book, he got into some danger but also appeared in a children’s storytime at the Cobble Cove library as my guest. In our new release, Written in Stone, published April 5, he competes with me in finding a clue to a murder. I like healthy competition.
Back to me, since this is my guest post. I am a handsome Siamese if I say so myself. My model is Debbie’s cat, Oliver, although I’m quite younger. Alicia, my human co-star in the series, was introduced to me in A Stone’s Throw, but I’m a library cat and don’t belong to anyone. I like Alicia, though, and Laura, the new librarian who is hired in Between a Rock and a Hard Place, treats me in the manner in which I’ve become accustomed. She has a way with cats since she has a house full of them and also works at a shelter. I’m on the fence, literally, about Donald, another new librarian who joined in our second book. He pretends to hate me and wears the most clashing ties, but he secretly sneaks me treats.
I enjoyed my parts in all three books, but I was especially thankful to Debbie for including a likeness of me on the cover of our latest. I also have a big role in Written in Stone, but I don’t want to give it away. I certainly hope I’ve piqued the curiosity of some of you readers to purchase our books, so Debbie can keep writing them. For your convenience, you can shop for them directly from my blog (just look for the big “Shop” pawprint);  Debbie’s author page on Facebook, or from the following links which are universal, so they’ll work no matter where you live. Thank you for your interest and also consider subscribing to Debbie’s newsletter and joining the Cobble Cove Character Chat where each character takes a turn hosting a different month (I was host in February). There are prizes awarded in the newsletter and through the Facebook group, and being part of both will keep you updated on everything that’s going on in Cobble Cove as well as Debbie’s other publications.

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  1. I love the cover of Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and of course of the one that stars Sneaky. :-)

    1. They are great covers aren't they. I like how they work so well together. Sneaky is adorable. He was quite a trooper writing this for us.

    2. Thanks, Lisa and Sojourner. I chose the cover graphics, and my publisher designed them. Sneaky approved, of course. He encouraged me to use his photo double on our new release.


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