Monday, April 10, 2017

Excellent writing weather for Hiram and the new book coming together during Camp NaNoWriMo

Writing this month has been going pretty well. The new girl in the book has been sharing her little personality traits with me. all I can say is wow, is she different from any other character that I have met. Kira is one strong independent young lady and yet, she has a fun side to her that keeps me researching.

Kira is also turning chapter nine around. I know this is the first draft, but I am pretty inspired by her. She is so quick and so quick witted. She makes me laugh as she puts Hiram through his paces. He with his superior ways never thought he would meet anyone that could make him want to pull his hair out in frustrations.  But up until now, he had never met Kira.

So only nine chapters in and plenty more to go. For a first draft, I do find the story building to a point of impending trouble.  Watch your step guys, there are more than just bears in the woods. Consider yourselves warned.

Keep up with Hiram and Kira and see how this unfolds.  It has me working like a tiger researching. I am on another continent seeking answers.  Perhaps it would be more correct to admit I am researching like a Leopard.
Research Leopard Sojourner McConnell The Path of the Writer

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