Saturday, March 18, 2017

Scrivener Saturday!

Today I woke up ready to write. I chose the story that I wanted to focus on and I have focused well. I have written about 1000 words so far which doesn't take into account all the words I have deleted and changed.

I find myself editing as I go, recreating sentences several times before being satisfied. How many similar items are too many when you are making a point?  I add and subtract and then add them back in. Does anyone else second guess themselves in this manner? 

Research this morning went well and brought in a new dimension to the story. I like what I found and think it will resonate with the readers.  As this is a middle grade / YA story, I am hoping that they will enjoy the research done to make it authentic.

Research is such a fun part of writing. It allows more depth to the characters and their story.  Now to get the images created to go along with the story.  I would love to be an artist. It is a shame that the images I have in my mind are not going to be the final product. Hopefully, the final products will go above and beyond my own vision of Hiram, and his world.

I only want images to project the feel of the chapter so it isn't like producing an illustrated story.  

What are your thoughts on the number of images needed to tell a story?  Just the cover image or more?


  1. The cover image draws me to a story but, like an author told me a few months ago, if a cover fits, it fits...even if a woman in the book has blonde hair and the woman on the cover has black.

    I appreciate that, to a point, but if I was to be honest, even if the cover didn't have a photo of a person but something else that drew my attention, I'd still take a look at it. The reason is that I never see the faces of my characters...never...but I know what feels right for a cover.

    As for multiple images to tell a story, in a story for children, definitely. For middle grade students, as long as the font was comfortable and the sentences not too long or short, it would be fine.

    Personally, I form my own mental images so the more images I have to look at, the more it distracts my attention - unless I'm looking at a recipe, toddler's book ... you get my drift.

    1. I do understand you completely.

      The 2 boooks are for different ages.

      The Cat story is for K-6th grade and the Alien story is middle grades. You have captured my thought process as well.

      I have plenty of images in development for the cat book some sketches and some color sketches.

      I am only wanting a few for the alien book. I want to have his form at the chapter starts where he is featured and another clevel image where for the others. Basically it is a small sketch under the chapter heading. Well, that is my thinking today. :) That can always change. I may shave off those smaller images and keep it to the cover art.

      Thank you for your insight. It has lifted my confusion as to how I want to go. Today at least!


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