Thursday, March 30, 2017

Editor, Proofreader, and NanoWriMo updates. Keeping you in the know!

#WritingWednesday was one exciting day. Here is a recap. 

Progress on the Who's That in the Cat Pajamas.  Today was a red letter day. Requested proofreaders and had 3 offer. Between the three they found several little annoying errors. They also made some suggestions that I took to heart and corrected and altered those and sent it along to its brand new editor. 

That's right! Breaking news!!

I contacted an editor that I trust with my book and she agreed to do the final edits. I trust her judgment and I have seen how diligently she works to make the finished product as polished and grammatically correct as possible. This editor has had years of editing in both magazine and newspaper as well as her own published works.  I am beyond stoked. I am ecstatic. 

I acknowledge having a less than stellar history of grammar. I like to blame it on being southern, but I acknowledge it might be more of a lack of paying attention in all those English classes I took in school.  

This journey is building momentum as Dulcey moves closer to being published. 

On the new project front: 

It is only 2 days until work begins in earnest on the project for Camp NaNoWriMo. Today and tomorrow I am finishing with my rough outline. That means I am ready to conquer the manuscript that Hiram and I have been working on.   

Hiram is going to come out swinging I can tell you that much. He is going to have his hands full and he doesn't suspect a thing. No one said it was easy being new in town.  

So here's to Wednesday and onward to the weekend!  Happy reading and writing my friends!  

Comment below if you have any exciting #writingwednesday news of your own! I love to celebrate with you. 

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