Sunday, April 30, 2017

Giveaway on Goodreads for The Power of Forgiveness, A Collection of Short Stories!

The anthology about the power of forgiveness with stories by fourteen writers is now being offered on Amazon and is included in a Goodreads giveaway. This is for one copy of the paperback to be given away on May 14, 2017.

Take this opportunity to win a copy.  With stories that provide a look into the upheaval in life and the results of the act of forgiveness, this is a powerful book.

The Power of Forgiveness Goodreads giveaway entry.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon if you do not want to wait for the physical copy winner announcement.

You can read more about the anthology on The Page Turner.

Read more about this book;

Have you ever been faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to forgive someone? Did you decide to do it? Or was what that person did to you just so unforgivable that you held on to your grudge, even years later? 
These are some of the questions that the writers in this anthology explored in this fine selection of short stories. Through a short story, poem, or reflective essay, writers from the Writers750 Group were asked to consider what forgiveness means, either from the perspective of the one being forgiven, or from the perspective of the one doing the forgiving.
This collection of stories covers a range of topics for your reading pleasure; from stories of forgiveness for property theft, to renditions of familiar biblical stories, to tales of survival from past hurts, and even a few non-traditional gems as well! 
These stories were written by; C. Baely, Stephanie Baskerville, Cora Bhatia, Christene Britton-Jones, F.F. Burwick, Rejoice Denhere, Lynne Farley, Patricia Fuqua Lovett, Sojourner McConnell, Lena Pate, Glenda Reynolds, David Russell, Heather Schuldt and Joanne Van Leerdam.
Embark on a journey with these fourteen authors, who take you inside their own view of the power of forgiveness.

Good luck on the giveaway and keep a look out for more. They will be cropping up on Goodreads along the way. This is one uplifting book, I hope you take a moment to read it.  None of the authors' sugar coated the difficulty in forgiveness.

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