Monday, February 6, 2012

A Teaser From the Second Book

The second book " The Most Peculiar Halloween" contains a time travelling teenager.  I am including a teaser from this unpublished book for your enjoyment.  Comments and feedback are welcome :)  


With Mildred focused on the adult conversation and looking so tired, Gemma went straight to her own room and climbed on the bed. She pulled out the am radio that was stored under the lip of her bedside table and started listening to the music that was playing from the local rock and roll station. She listened to the words of Earth Angel and she felt herself getting sad for the singer. She continued listening and the disc jockey played Sha-boom and she laughed at the falsetto of the singer in the band the Chords. Gemma attempted to sing along with the words, but they made no sense to her so she just la la la’d instead of singing the actual words.  She knew the tune from somewhere, so she happily faked the words. Maybe there was something to this old music and maybe they did have good taste in music after all. When the next song came on she hopped off the bed and danced around the room singing along with Elvis Presley while her hips twisted to the left and the right.
Well, that’s all right now Mama 
That’s all right with you
That’s all right now Mama
Just any way you do
That’s all right
That’s all right
That’s alright now mama
Just any way you do
Yes this music was perfect for dancing the twist. Gemma struggled to breathe while both singing the chorus and twisting on the braided rug in front of her bed.  Gym class with the dance classes had been teaching her how to twist on one toe while shaking her hips and she twisted all over her bedroom.  She wasn’t sure if the twist had even been invented, but that didn’t stop her from twisting like a mad woman all across the floor.  After the chorus, she allowed Elvis to sing solo while she just twisted her hips to the unknown words.  Once the chorus came around, she was ready to sing along with him as she danced.

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