Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds is a seventeen year old boy that attends the same school as Melanie Easton.  Most people just call him Rob, he doesn't tell anyone but his mom called him Robbie when he was little.  His mom passed away suddenly when Rob was just seven years old.

Rob is one of those kids that is proud to say he has a great relationship with his dad. Together they have made the best of a difficult situation and even though his dad dates on occasion he has never remarried.  Robert has a delivery driver job at Tribal Pizza,  his dad says that as long as his grades remain good he can keep the job up until time to start college.

Robert has passed Melanie walking to and from school as long as he can remember and one morning he decided that he would like to ask her to ride.  He knew her from school and knew that she had never missed a day. She was one of the only students that had made it through the tenth grade with no absences.  She had never invited people into her little world of reading and silence, he admits that her wall has made him want to get to know her even more. He likes to say that he sees her as a challenge.  Rob is very active in the science clubs at school and is looking forward to starting college.  He plans to study medicine at The University of Alabama in Birmingham School of Medicine.  Since his moms passing he has wanted to be a doctor to prevent other children from losing a parents in the same manner.

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