Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Katherine Easton

Katherine Easton was only seventeen when she found out she was expecting a baby.  Still mourning the loss of her mother she had no one she felt she could turn to.  Alone with this great burden, she ran away and moved herself into a women's shelter to wait out the arrival of this child.

Once the child was born, she realized she had no connection to her. No bonds had been formed while carrying her for the last nine months.  All she knew was that this was her child and she was going to keep her.  She realized that there were programs that paid her and bought her groceries as long as she provided a home and food for the baby.

Katherine put in her seventeen years as the child's mother and made sure that Social Services were not called again due to neglect.  The time was getting close for the child to move out and make her own way.  To be honest Katherine couldn't wait for that time.  Her drinking has escalated and her staying out all night with men that came into the restaurant where she worked were her main priorities now. Melanie was as always a fleeting thought when someone mentioned their daughter or Social Services.

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