Friday, June 2, 2017

Today is the day! 

Dolcey is excited, I am excited, Emily is excited and I hope the readers are excited. Today marks the launch of Who's That in the Cat Pajamas?  This is book 1 in the Dolcey series and we get to see what makes Dolcey so extra special. As you might gather from the title, Dolcey isn't always a cat, find out more about her and who she really is in Who's That in the Cat Pajamas? available today!

Excerpt from Who's That in the Cat Pajamas?

Dolcey moved from one end of the porch to the other, tail held high, pointed black ears perked forward, and silvery whiskers pointing straight at the front door. Twitching her cat whiskers was always tricky, but Dolcey was getting better and better as she strutted around. Purring and meowing enough to stir some compassion from the parents seems to be the hardest part, thought Dolcey.

“Emily, go get the milk and let’s get this boy somewhere warm.” Emily sped into the kitchen but Dolcey was no longer listening. Her fur was bristling as she glowered at Emily’s dad.

“Obviously, I am a girl,” she meowed with such ferocity that she almost scared herself.

Where can you find this children's chapter book to read more?

Amazon in paperback and in Kindle: Find it here!
Barnes and Noble in paperback only: Find it here!

I hope you will pick up a copy and share with your family the adventure with Dolcey and Emily.

If you enjoy this children's book and want to read more from Sojourner McConnell the ebook of The Path of the Child is on sale in celebration of the new release for $.99 on Amazon.

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