Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Stroll in the Gallery Featuring John Macdonald, Photographer Extroidinaire

John Macdonald is a photographer which specializes in the natural beauty of the Upper Michigan area. From scenic buildings to majestic sunsets, he captures the vivid colors of Michigan in his photographs. 
John has provided the link to read his 178 photo book for free at book presents waterfalls, sunsets, Great Lakes ships, Architecture and more all from the state of Michigan.

As you stroll through his photographs, remember that he has over 150 more for your viewing pleasure available.

Welcome to the Gallery: 

Presque Isle sunset, Marquette, Michigan  

Westland, Michigan tulips

Marquette county, Michigan

Beaumont Building Michigan State University

Mackinaw Bridge in December

Marquette Lighthouse

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