Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Researching While Everyone Else Naps

While most everyone sleeps I begin down the path to turn of last century research. I want the book to be authentic and not be filled with little inaccuracies. I am seeking out dates for Polio vaccine discovery and automobile production in the 1900s.  With the story-line worked out in my mind, I want to make sure that the ages are correct as to when certain events happened.  With a certain path inked out for this family, I want to make sure that the era Mildred wants to portray is accurate.  Mildred is a strong character and has made sure that things are written her way.  There are other strong characters in this second book, but they are willing to let me decide how best to tell their story.  Gemma came to me in the night so I had a good grasp on her, but Mildred made sure I told her story in her way. You might notice when the book comes out that her story-line is a little different than Gemma's.
So now that everyone is awake and active, there is no more writing for me tonight.  So thanks again for coming down this path with me and reading along throughout the process.

Have a great weekend.

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