Thursday, January 26, 2012

Formatting and Conversion Training Today

This morning the path opened up and before me was a list of read me files. Learning how to format this book in a Kindle friendly form is challenging. I am fortunate that I have a geek squad living in the same house as me so that I can rely on them to explain these terms.

Taking a break from the format talk and PDF details, I turned to the second book which is a little different from the first book. Keeping two books active at the same time sometimes can be a little confusing.

It seems one of my second book characters decided to name their child a name I do not like. I have been wrestling with a name change and the character is pretty adamant that she likes her daughters name. As of right now the name stays the same. I may have more to say to this character about choosing a name that I do not like later. For now, I will let it stay. At least it is a pretty short name. Sometimes these long names befuddle me.

The Path of the Child has its own ISBN now and things are progressing as we move toward publication.

Thanks for dropping in and seeing how it is going.

 Right now it is time for me to go back to writing on the second book for a bit before tackling the PDF files again. Geek squad hurry home. I have questions.

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